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Thursday, August 22, 2019
Developer Tools

UXWeb 1.3 DMG

Cracked DMG Free Download

  • UXWeb™ – Website Design Pro Screenshot
  • UXWeb™ – Website Design Pro Screenshot
  • UXWeb™ – Website Design Pro Screenshot
  • UXWeb™ – Website Design Pro Screenshot
  • UXWeb™ – Website Design Pro Screenshot

UXWeb Cracked DMG, the ultimate website creating, editing and publishing suite, all-in-one. No coding knowledge required.UXWeb has changed how users build websites on their mobile and tablet devices. Creating a website builder for touch devices wasn’t an easy task, but with the new Drag & Drop feature, in combination with the Grid, it is now possible to build websites with gestures and direct editing.

It’s like a desktop builder for your iOS device. Never again will you have to worry about editing code and cross-checking your layout to get it just right. Now, with UXWeb, you can move objects and edit them directly on the page. If you do want to get into the nitty-gritty aspects of code, we’ve included a built in HTML / CSS / JS editor directly into the platform.

Edit your website in both desktop and mobile modes to preview how they look in both responsive layouts. All pre-made blocks are designed and developed with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 standards so that they appear pixel-perfect on all device resolutions. Furthermore, they’re retina ready to look beautiful on every screen type.

Publish with ease. UXWeb offers two different export options. Either export to Files, iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive and any other of your favourite cloud-based services; or publish directly to your FTP server with our FTP-integration.

Now Available for iPhone & iPad!

Welcome to the third major update of UXWeb™ – The Stability Redesign. We’ve spent the last few weeks fixing all of the major bugs and glitches that you may have been experiencing with UXWeb. We’ve made small updates to the UI, as well as the core code. Furthermore, we’ve also added a more in-depth walkthrough, improved foundational code, and created a faster, more smooth experience.

Additionally, we’ve improved Cloud Sync with the iOS and macOS apps to sync in real time. See your changes happen immediately on another device, running the latest version of UXWeb™!

What’s New
• Better Cloud Sync compatibility with the iOS app
• Added optimization compatibility
• Added additional security measures
• Added multiple web-based animations
• Added streaming for inline video from server
• Added multiple new ways to customize your blocks
• Updated templates for iPhone X optimization
• Updated & improved real time syncing in the cloud
• Updated core code for a cleaner running experience
• Fixed login & initial loading issues
• Fixed website preview issues
• Fixed major bugs/issues reported to our Support Centre
• Further investigation of reported loading issues

I apologize for the lack of new features in this update. We are currently hard at work on UXWeb 2 – a more native web building experience. This update is to further help create a strong foundation for the coming 2.0 update. UXWeb 2 will focus on all of the major flaws of the current version of UXWeb, as well as further smoothen your web building experience. It was also include a slue of new features and a complete UI overhaul.

Coming Soon – UXWeb 2
• Full site templates
• More HTML5 blocks
• Parallax scrolling effects
• Domain & sub-domain publishing
• Complete UI overhaul
• Foundation code overhaul
• UXBuilder overhaul & redesign

Need help with UXWeb™? Try our new Support Centre available at!


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