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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Shipments – Package And Parcel Tracker Deliveries Tracking Cracked IPA


Package tracking has never been easier with Shipments. Shipments is a smart package tracker designed for the average online shopper to the international power shipper. As it stands, Shipments supports the most carriers on the iOS App Store at over 350 carriers from all across the world! Within the application the you can view the latest updates on all of your packages, users are able to scan tracking labels and have the carrier automatically detected.

Shipments provides at a glance summary of all of your deliveries and counts down the days until your package arrives. Tap a delivery for more details and get a visual location on a map. Within the package view you can view further details of your shipment.The Notification Center widget lets you easily check your packages without opening the app and it shows the most relevant deliveries.

Shipments supports hundreds of curriers from all over the globe. Including, UPS, FedEx, US Postal Service, DHL, TNT, Canada Post, Collect+, City Link, Royal Mail, China Post, EMS, Australia Post, and hundreds more. Services are always being added, Shipments currently supports 350 carriers and we’re adding more everyday.

Shipments also supports true push notifications for all of your packages at no extra cost. Shipments does not need to be open in the background to receive notifications, even with our app closed. Shipments also checks for package updates in the background and alerts you when new information is available.

– Unlimited package tracking
– Support for 350 carriers [Added 28 carriers in version 1.8]
– iOS 9 Support
– Shipment Archiving [NEW]
– Edit Tracking [NEW]
– Notification Center Widget
– iPad Support
– Push Notifications
– Email Notifications [NEW]
– SMS Notifications [NEW]
– URL Detection
– Background Refresh
– Barcode Scanner
– Auto-detect carrier
– Clipboard detection
– Shipment Sorting [NEW]
– No login hassle
– Package locations shown on map


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