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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Procreate – Sketch, paint, create Cracked IPA Free Download

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  • Procreate Screenshot
  • Procreate Screenshot
  • Procreate Screenshot
  • Procreate Screenshot

Procreate is the most powerful drawing, painting and illustration app ever developed for a mobile device. With this complete toolbox for artists you create beautiful drawings and inspiring paintings wherever you are. Procreate wins the Apple Design Award and an “App Store Essential,” delivering an unrivaled screen resolution, 128 ingenious brushes, and an extensive layering system. The heart of Procreate is based on Silica, the fastest 64-bit engine on iOS specifically for drawing and painting.Create a canvas and start painting with one of Procreate’s many exclusive dual-texture brushes. With the wiping tool, you can blur the colors for every brush in Procreate. Thanks to the high resolution of the canvas in Procreate you can print your works very large. Experience the revolutionary tools for choice, transformation and perspective, designed exclusively for multi-touch. Refine your work with breathtaking effects. At Procreate your work will always be in focus.Procreate 3 now includes new features for iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and iOS 9. More than 100 new features, including a beautiful redesigned interface, more recent brush engine, and Quickline, a new line stroking tool.

Thanks to its extensive professional features, Procreate has everything a creative mind could wish for.

• Key Features
– Optimized for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil
– Ultra high screen resolutions, up to 16K x 4K on the iPad Pro
– Based on Silica, the fastest 64-bit character engine
– 64-bit color depth
– Responsive 64-bit -Wip Finger Sampling
– Multithreading: Utilizes the multi-core processor of the iPad
– 250 levels to recover and repeat actions
– Continuous automatic backup – Your work will never be lost again
– Connect Procreate to your cloud storage and social networks
– Screens with up to 8192 x 4096 pixels on iPad Air 2
– Screens with up to 4096 x 4096 pixels on iPad 3 or later

Quick menu for access to frequently used functions – Export as native .procreate file with layers, PSD, transparent PNG , JPEG or PDF
– Translated into 15 languages

• Ingenious Brushes:
– 128 Fantastically Designed Brushes
– New Artistic Brushes for Apple Pencil
– Revolutionary Dual Texture Brush System
– 35
Customizable Settings for Each Brush – Create Your Own, Custom Procreate Brush
– Organize your brushes into self-assembled sets
– Import custom brushes and export your own

• Colors without compromise:
– 64-bit color depth for the highest color details
– Fill your work seamlessly with ColorDrop
– ColorDrop creates reference planes so your work is not affected
– Input of RGB or HEX values

• Transform your work:
– Use the intuitive transformation tool to bend, distort or resize a selection or layer

• Dramatic effects:
– GPU acceleration for maximum speed
Perspective blur (exclusive to Procreate)
– Gaussian blur and motion blur
– Add Sharpness and Noise
– Hue, Saturation, Brightness
– Color Balance, Image Curves, Recolor

• Re-live your creative journey with Instant Replay:
– See your work come to life as Procreate repeats every single stroke in 1080p
– Take a look How Procreate reproduces each of your brushstrokes in stunning 4K

• Sharing and workflow integration:

– Export your work from the canvas or just swipe to export or select a work from the gallery

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