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Thursday, August 22, 2019
Developer Tools

Patterns – The Regex App 1.1.2 DMG

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  • Patterns - The Regex App Screenshot
  • Patterns - The Regex App Screenshot

Patterns is a simple yet powerful tool for working with regular expressions. Build great patterns quickly and effortlessly with syntax coloring, and with matching and replacing occurring in real time.


– Regular expression syntax coloring makes it easy to see how your pattern is interpreted by the regex engine. No more confusion about what needs to be escaped.
– See matches and replacements in real time while you edit your pattern.
– Copy match and replacement code snippets of your pattern for quick use in a number of different programming languages.
– The built-in regular expression reference sheet helps you find the piece of regex syntax you need.

– Highlighting of matching parentheses for capture groups in regex editor
– Bugfixes and improvements

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