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Friday, November 16, 2018

Moom 3.2.12

Cracked DMG Free Download

Developer: Many Tricks
Price: $9.99
  • Moom Screenshot
  • Moom Screenshot
  • Moom Screenshot
  • Moom Screenshot

Moom allows you to easily move and zoom windows—on one display, or to another display—using either the mouse or the keyboard. Moom lets you…• Hover over the green button and choose from five preset size/location options in a pop-up palette
• Use a grid to ‘draw’ a window’s desired size and location
• Define custom controls to move and zoom, move to other display, center, resize, and more
• Chain custom controls together to execute complex window management tasks
• Save window layouts to easily recreate a desired window arrangement at any time
• Automatically activate saved window layouts on changes in monitor layout, as in when you disconnect from your work display and then open your laptop at home
• Use keyboard mode to do all of this, and more, without ever touching a mouse

Once you’ve tried Mooming your windows, you’ll never go back to simply moving and zooming them again.

• Touch Bar-equipped Macs now display a basic Moom interface when using Moom’s keyboard mode
• Fixed an issue for users of the app DockShelf.
• Fixed an issue for users of the app Subliminal.
• Fixed a bug that prevented reusing keyboard shortcuts after they’d been assigned then removed, if the associated action had been moved.


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