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Sunday, October 21, 2018

KABUKI ONNAGATA female impersonator TAICHI SAO… Cracked IPA Free Download


A genius actor of female roles in a hundred years!!
Photos depict the beauty of Japanese ultimate!
This application includes exclusive music, video, photos, also function of real clock!!

Taichi Saotome who is responsible for Japanese traditional arts depicts the beauty of Japanese ultimate.
This is the application sending to the beauty that we forgot all over the world.

More than 100 photos included pictures like “UKIYOE”!!

Photos like “UKIYOE” developed in Japan from the 17th to 19th centuries are
taken by Miyazawa Masaaki leading Japanese photographer.
It attracts all who see in over language and cultural barriers.
In addition to the photos included “MABATAKI” moment, a wealth of unused cuts.

Including exclusive movie!!

The photo book contains videos featuring dignified style of “Onnagata,”
a female impersonator, and sword performances by him.
In addition, a melody of old standing in Japan would show him off to advantage.

Read it just like a picture scroll!!

The photo book includes function of slide presentation of the pictures
by which you may feel to range through an illusory world.
The book also provides another approach to read pictures from one scene to a new scene in a picture scroll gracefully.

What is “Onnagata”?

“Onnagata” is male actor who plays female roles in a classical Japanese
dance-drama Kabuki or performances for the masses.
The Edo Shogunate started to prohibit foreign travel and entered an era of isolation around 400 years ago.
An isolation policy that has shut the country off from the rest of the world over 250 years created Japan’s own culture
expressed in such as “Sabi,” austere refinement, “Wabi,” quiet simplicity as well as luxuriousness.
The female impersonator “Onnagata” has developed and became popular in such cultural background.
And then performances of an outstanding “Onnagata” in the stage attracts the audience nowadays.
The outstanding actor is seventeen-year-old Taichi Saotome who has trained classical Japanese dance,
swordplay and western dance under the instructions of mother and father since the ages of 4-year-old.

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