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Thursday, August 22, 2019

iconStiX 3.8.1 DMG

Cracked DMG Free Download

  • iconStiX Screenshot
  • iconStiX Screenshot
  • iconStiX Screenshot
  • iconStiX Screenshot
  • iconStiX Screenshot

iconStiX is a custom icon tool: combine images, add text, edit styles and attach your composition to desktop items (such as folder) or save as image.
More details: You can
– add and reorder multiple objects (image, shape and text).
– move, resize, rotate, skew, color, add shadow and effects (recess, shine, sketch).
– modify fonts and adjust text style.
– use your image as texture (e.g. cover a folder with a photo).
– erase or paint over image objects (retouch function).
– add small icon images separately for better visibility in the list view.
– limit the max icon size (512, 256 or 128) instead of the full size (1024).
– preview in different sizes (manual scaling or animation).
– keep favorite images for quick access.
– save your settings as documents (QuickLook compatible).
– export composition as images (icns, png, tiff).
– attach/remove custom icons via drop boxes or the Finder services.
Note: read/write permission is required to change custom icons.

– Document type is changed to ‘.istxd’ (a package) to make thumbnail images available for QuickLook without a plugin embedded in the app.
– No deprecated methods are used except for backward compatibility to read in documents saved in earlier versions.
– 4 sizes for toolbar icons are added by saving glyphs for iOS apps.
– Several internal adjustments for the latest macOS.

iconStiX 3.8.1 DMG – MirrorMirror

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