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Thursday, January 17, 2019
AppsGraphics & DesignMacOS

GraphicConverter 10.6.1

GraphicConverter 10
GraphicConverter 10
Price: $39.99

GraphicConverter 10 is the universal tool for browsing, enhancing and converting images. Simply drag a folder onto GraphicConverter 10 to view your pictures.

The slide show for viewing and sorting images is a big hit among users. Use standard tools to edit images or display the most important controls in the window.

Professional users love GraphicConverter 10 because of it’s wide range of functions for handling meta data like Exif, IPTC, XMP and GPS. Want to copy the filename into the IPTC description? GraphicConverter 10 will take care of this for you.

You can open over 200 graphic file types and save images in over 80 formats. A simple multiple conversion mode takes care of batch runs. Want to use a batch function to alter the image size or change the color mode to CMYK? Dozens of batch functions are available.

GraphicConverter 10 has everything you would expect from a versatile image processing application for your Mac. Simple usage and far-reaching options await you along with stability and reliability.

In the press, GraphicConverter has been described as a “Swiss Army knife” and as an “all-round wizard for image editing on Macs”. We could not describe it better.

New features of version 10:

Would you like to put together a collage of the best photos from your vacation? No problem with the new Collage function. Select the image files in the Browser and open the Collage window where you will find basic layout functions. It is so easy to use that even your children could do it. That’s a promise.

Face Recognition
You will notice how useful Face Recognition is, for example, when you want to print your best family photos for an annual album. Simply enter the names of people you want to add. GraphicConverter does everything else for you and will display the pictures in the Browser. You want to add your children’s best friends too? Simply enter their names and the job is almost done.

Picture Package
We all know the situation. You want to print several copies of a portrait or a passport photo on one sheet of paper. This is very easy now thanks to the new Picture Package function. Select the picture, open Picture Package and off you go. It is childishly simple and versatile. Also, it allows you to use valuable photo paper in an ideal way.

  • GraphicConverter 10 Screenshot
  • GraphicConverter 10 Screenshot
  • GraphicConverter 10 Screenshot
  • GraphicConverter 10 Screenshot
  • GraphicConverter 10 Screenshot

New features
• browser: edit name kind toolbar item (allows to change file name editing to iptc/xmp title editing)
• browser/convert & modify: save action added (to create complex batch actions with multiply save operations)
• browser/convert & modify: reload action added (useful if save action is used)
• browser/convert & modify: subfolder action added
• browser/convert & modify: anonymize faces action added
• browser context menu: added option to edit tags directly
• menu effect: graduated filter
• browser/image window: added icon to show/hide toolbar (10.10 or later)
• prefs convert/general: added settings for auto convert

Updated features
• added GPS detection in RW2 files
• updated localizations
• browser/convert & modify: change format action – added options
• position palette: displays line length and angle during drawing a line
• prefs save/resource: added option for icon size
• reduced file access in browser for files without gps location
• image toolbar: added print icon
• import from digital camera: added predefined folder option
• multi core support for batch conversions improved
• support for extraction of multiple images of ithmb files added
• add/remove margins: added “set for all” and “use last values”

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