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Monday, October 22, 2018

DRAGON SKY (ドラゴンスカイ) Cracked IPA Games


“DRAGON SKY (ドラゴンスカイ)” is a real-time strategy game that depicts the battle to be waged in the world above the clouds.

Grown their own offices, to purify the soldiers, let’s fought.
It is also possible to master the fight carefully by one person in a single mode in which the story of the hero is to expand, you can aim the strongest team in cooperation with other players.
Making full use of soldiers and magic, master the fight of your own

“Battle, easy operation of only placing a soldier unit in the tap in the enemy base!
To assess the different combat capability for each type of soldier, where – how the – how much to place, but the key to the fight.
In addition, the use of “magic card” to trigger the quirky magic in combat,
War situation can be advantageous to change!
By making full use of the soldiers and magic, to fight in your own strategy.
Individual match or team game in the event also appeared! Aiming for the top in the rankings,
Trying to get a more powerful magic cards and reward items!
Situation reversed in the magic card!

Individuality and rich soldier, aim also tide reversed using the “magic card”, Semeyo bases of other players!
If the victory in the battle, generation of soldiers, can take the money and ether necessary for the growth of the base!
Single also multi-well, enjoy the freedom!

Well even thoroughly enjoy the story and stage battle alone in single player!
Plenty of good enjoy the battle with other users in a multi play!
Enjoyment is up to you!

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