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Sunday, October 21, 2018
Photo & Video

Camera Zoom 4 4.3 IPA

Cracked IPA Free Download

Camera Zoom 4
Camera Zoom 4
Price: $0.99+
  • Camera Zoom 4 Screenshot
  • Camera Zoom 4 Screenshot
  • Camera Zoom 4 Screenshot
  • Camera Zoom 4 Screenshot

With Camera Zoom, you can zoom in and out in real-time up to 12x while taking pictures, by just simply moving the slider.

Record HD videos with Video Zoom and zoom in on whatever you’re recording while you’re recording. (Available through In-App Purchase)

• Tap anywhere to take pictures (optional)
• 3, 10, 20 seconds timer
• Auto stabilization
• Up to 12x digital zoom
• Tap to focus
• Double-tap to expose
• Auto-adjusts photo to best quality
• Camera roll preview
• Swipe anywhere to zoom in/out (optional)
• Ask before saving a photo (optional)

Optional features can be turned on via Settings app.

Optimized for iPhone X

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